We are ordinary people doing EXTRAORDINARY things for our community together.

Our Volunteer Fire Department is a diverse background of mothers, fathers, business owners, tradesmen, teachers, students, and everyday people just like you!

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Some may call us HEROS, but we are ordinary people just like YOU who want to serve our community.  

Volunteer Firefighter

You have chosen to invest in your community, so we will invest in the necessary training for YOU!

Emergency Medical Services

Are your a Paramedic or EMT, we are looking for patient centered pre-hospital providers like you!

Community Involvement

This is our community, and we are here to make it a safer place together.

I'm also a mother, student, & aspiring teacher


Lieutenant / Training Officer

I'm also an EMT Student & aspiring career firefighter.


Volunteer Firefighter

How to Contact Us

(618) 667-6722


Ready To Respond

Committed To You

We have committed ourselves to providing high quality fire and emergency medical services to our residents, businesses and visitors.

Get Involved

Become a Volunteer Firefighter

I’m ready to become EXTRAORDINARY.

  • Make a Commitment

    You make the commitment and we give you the training and education that is needed.

  • Complete an Online Form

    Fill out an online form and we will contact you to schedule a visit.

  • Come To the Station

    We will schedule a time to for you to come and visit us at the fire station.

Jenna At Lockers

Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Our Services

We Are Here to Serve You

Fire Prevention is just as important as our fire suppression mission. It is our goal to provide you with the necessary tools to keep you and your family safe.

Fire Suppression

We understand the devastation of fire - and it is our mission to protect the lives and livelihoods of the Troy Fire Protection District residents.


We operate two Advanced Life Support Ambulances and are ready to respond at a moment's notice. We are here for you.


As volunteers, we seek to serve our community and give our best when others may have a difficult time. We are here for you!

Troy Lockers

Fire Safety

Let's STOP Fire Events TOGETHER.

Fire prevention, safety and education are the foundations of our organization. While we train, educate and practice so that we are ready when you need us, we know the best way to fight fire is to empower you! 

Hear from Us

I have a Fulltime Job Too


    Volunteer Firefighter

    As a volunteer firefighter I get to serve my community while also working as a mechanic.

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    Stay up to date on the latest news & events from the Troy Fire Protection District.