Job Posting – (Full Time) Paramedic

Emergency Medical Personnel - Paramedic

Starting Base Compensation - $61,043


 The Troy Fire Protection District (Troy FPD) is seeking qualified candidates for the full-time position of Paramedic. This position is responsible for responding to medical emergency calls and provide medical attention in a pre-hospital setting within specified time frame for ambulance service within the District; maintains and stocks the ambulance, emergency equipment and the Station. 

Essential Duties

Duties include (but are not limited to): evaluate patients’ signs and symptoms and apply first-aid or life support as needed; operate equipment needed effectively; extricate and transport patients; inspect, clean and maintain vehicles, equipment and property; inventory and maintain supplies and materials; complete required paperwork and forms; follow departmental protocols and governing rules and regulations; other duties as assigned to benefit the Department of Public & the District. 


 1. High school diploma or equivalent; 

2. Must be a current Illinois State certified Paramedic; 

3. Candidate must have knowledge of pre-hospital care commensurate with level of licensure (Region IV – Anderson System reciprocity required) 

4. Meet the State’s continuing education & 4-year recertification requirement; 

5. Must be able to achieve a passing score (80% or better) on an EMS skills pre-employment examination; 

6. Skills and temperament to handle medical emergencies in a competent, calm, non-stressed fashion; 

7. A valid driver’s license in good standing (Class C within 45 days); 

8. Ability to efficiently and courteously interact with people; 

9. Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing; 

10. Ability to run, walk, stand, sit, climb stairs and climb obstacles; 

11. Ability to lift, pick-up and carry objects, equipment or people (carry: 87 lbs; lift: 130 lbs) and pass an essential functions evaluation (physical); 

12. Work in hot, cold, wet and other undesirable environmental conditions 

13. Overtime and rotating shift work (24 hour shifts); 

14. Regular and predictable attendance. 

Supplemental Information

Troy Fire Protection District Emergency Medical Personnel – Paramedic Starting Base Compensation – $61,043  – Equal Opportunity Employer

In addition to completing the application, potential candidates must include copies of:

• unexpired professional license(es)

• a professional resume

• cover letter indicating why you are interested in a position with the Troy Fire Protection District

If you meet the qualifications outlined above, please submit an application no later than 3:00p.m., Friday, September 16, 2022, to Troy Fire Protection District; 116 W. Clay St; Troy, IL. 62294. Prospective Candidates that meet minimum requirements for testing should be aware the process will a practical, and written evaluations and well as an oral interview. Candidates selected will be subject to a drug test, physical exam testing. Applications are available at Troy FPD or for download on the district website https://www.troy-fpd.com/join-now (click EMS Application) 

All full-time employees are eligible for health, dental, and vision benefits. The District offers a competitive benefit package. Most benefits, including health insurance, are effective the first day of employment. Full-time employees receive additional pay for holiday as well as accrued vacation and sick leave.

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